Stop Typing and Start Talking Your Twitter Pots

Never get stuck with any limit of  characters again!

HashNewsGrams 3.5 breaks the Twitter 280 character limitation barrier. You can post essentially unlimited text, videos, pics, audio recordings and Acticons-Action Icons.

#HashNewsGram is a FREE Twitter #hashtag news gathering app for iPhone and iPad. You can select your favorite #hashtag topics and put them in folders and subfolders and organize your Twitter news gathering and personal newsfeed. Then tap on the selected folder subfolder and see the posts in the categories selected. This is a great way to simplify your Twitter news feed.

Stop Typing and Start Talking Your Twitter Posts with HashNewsGram 3.5 – no more typing, handsfree Twittering is here – Just speak, see your words, post on Twitter along an audio recording as well as videos, pics, freehand-drawings can also be added – get HashNewsGram app to stop typing and start talking your tweets.

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