Selfies – Top-10 Reasons Why Girls Just Want to Have Fun

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uniprimetimeselfie-hg-710x434bieyes-photobooth-728x90-E&M-yellowSelf portraits and images are nothing new.  Since ancient times artisans have painted themselves and even the great impressionists painted themselves when they wanted to express themselves and show a deeper self.  Look at VanGogh’s self portrait and tell me if you don’t see his pain.  Today we have smartphones making them ideal tools for self photography called “selfies.”  Inspired by our friends and news articles, we came up with our own Top-10 reasons for selfies with yourself and with friends. #SelfieSunday girls are more than just one day but every day.  One of the recent stories on selfies appeared on The Ellen Show where she and the sorority sisters of DG at ASU took a selfie for charity (click on image for the show).

ellen-Here are some of our Top-10 reasons for taking selfies:

10. Show Off Hot Bods/Boobs/Butts – As the saying goes, “if you got it flaunt it” – so show the best of what you have to all your friends.

9. Beach Ready Bods – Working hard at the gym getting that hardbody, fitness, getting ready for the beach, resort or vacation trip selfies show your chiseled trim bod needs, no demands to be shared with boys, wannabe boys and to show your girl friends your bod is better than theirs.  Competition is stiff so why not show all the work you are doing to get hot.  Time for a new dating app, get ReallyReal – click on image.


42770923_s9. Jealousy –  Show selfies want to show off to your ex, or someone else to prove that the guy is missing out on something great. Random bold lipstick and full body selfies really give this away!

20906650_s8. New Do – Have a new fashion, style, and look just want to share it.

38772434_s7. Beauty-Makeup – You face is what everyone sees first and stays with them if it looks great so take your time to do your makeup and then take the pic to share and even show your sexy side.


bieyes-photobooth-728x90-E&M-yellow6. Self-Centered – Though there are many reasons why we love ourselves but it doesn’t take much to do it and gives you reason to look good, stay health and be happy.

43404575_s 43404602_s5. Chanel — #OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) – As Coco Chanel reportedly once said, “if it’s a lousy dress, they will look at the dress, if it’s a great fashion, they will look at you.  So, get your Chanel game on and get a great outfit of the day!

42328562_s4 – Sharing – Whats a great pic without sharing it with your soul mates, friends, fans and even some frenemies to show them you are having fun and they should join you at the party, hookup or even just envy you.

19202086_s44816369_s3. To Get Attention – Girls that feel insecure (also the girls who post a selfie everyday) or just need plain old attention. They post pictures to get a lot of likes and comments to feel special. Constant duck faces and serious faces are all for wanting attention.

29332299_s2. Confidence ! – Girls suffer more from confident than almost any other emotion because it is hard to show confidence good or bad.  Showing confidence builds confidence arrogance and being confidence helps “lift all boats.”  Confidence leads to kindness as it is hard to be mad when you feel great !


1. Fun – “Girls just want to have fun” is a lifestyle and having more fun, parties, going wild and living life to the fullest.  Showing others you are fun is a great way to show you really are having a good time.


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