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BA or breast enhancement, boob job, bagu or breast augmentation the popular term of breast enhancement is certainly giving girls the confidence they need. In light of the spring-summer or any season “daring to go bare” bods and more revealing “transparent” (underwear as outerwear) fashion we decided to address a topic that seems to keep popping up lately. We see girls everywhere with chests that could or couldn’t be cosmetically enhanced – did she or didn’t she. We see them even more as the temperatures rise and the skimpier fashion emerges. We think about how it looks to have large breasts and what plastic surgery entails. Here are some thoughts.

Our question today is ‘What are you waiting for?’ Many ladies would like to be larger but have serious concerns with going under the knife for beauty, while others have no problem spending thousands of dollars and operation(s) to get larger breasts. During a girls life it is likely she will need some adjustment to the chest due to small size, post-pregnancy sagging/deflation, breast cancer and reconstruction, deformity or just feel like having them bigger (e.g. getting tired of looking like a boy). Today, we want to discuss some of the facts, concerns, and advantages of breast implants or breast augmentation. We’ll begin with some of the facts around surgical breast enlargement.

Fact #1: In the United States cosmetic breast augmentation, breast implants for cosmetic reasons, typically costs between $4,000 and $7,000USD. Women usually have to pay out of their own pockets, because insurance companies hardly ever cover the cost of breast enlargement surgery. If you decide to proceed, here are some recommended procedures based on our experience and others.

First, silicon aka “gummy bear” is always better as saline is just like having a hard as rock bowling ball on your chest and generally looks really too fake. And, seriously no one cares how fake it looks, they are envious !  However, during sex saline implants are really hard and so can reduce pleasure.

Beautiful sexy blonde woman standing, wearing black sensual lingerie, looking away.

Second, the most common reaction we have heard from girls who have had surgery, “I thought they would be bigger.” This suggests go larger than you may have originally thought. “High profile” is the new option that places the implants higher on the check for a younger look. Holding a piece of plastic in your hand doesn’t really help. We suggest you talk to as many girls as you can find as well as look at look at lots of “before and after” pictures and also most doctors can give you some samples to “test drive” in a training bra to see what you will look like.

Third, procedures, we don’t recommend through the areola (nipple) procedure which is often too much an opportunity to scaring. Arm pit and tummy are ok but underneath the breast crease is the least damaging and increasingly less scaring.

Fourth, always go under the muscle, much nicer look as they are hidden under the muscle, so look less fake and reduced sagging.

Here’s a great site to see what other girls are doing and insights. The most frequent complaint isn’t even the surgery pain but how long it takes for the implants to drop in to place which can be 3 months.  So, plan ahead and expect delay in getting the new ones where you want them to be.

Fifth, get an experienced surgeon even if you have to travel or pay more.

Fact #2: You need to know that breast implants don’t last forever. Some manufacturers offer lifetime replacement guarantees in case the implant breaks. In that case the company provides a replacement at no cost. But you should always check the warranty details. It may not include the cost of surgery or pre/post op expenses. Consider the fact that removing breast implants can sometimes cost more than implanting them.

Fact #3: The U.S. FDA recommends that ladies with silicone breast implants get an MRI three years after an implant is put in and once every two years after that point. This is to make sure the silicone implant hasn’t ruptured (which is very dangerous). Women who opt for saline implants aren’t required to get the tests. You should consider that MRIs can be pretty expensive, costing an average of $2,000USD. WARNING 11-2018 – if you have textured breast implants read this article. Researchers are not sure why textured implants would raise the risk of cancer, but there are several theories.

Fact #4: Insurance companies sometimes consider breast enlargement surgery a “pre-existing condition” and not provide coverage. Women who have had breast implants may have problems getting health care coverage. Sometimes an insurance company will cover you, but not cover future issues surrounding the breast like breast cancer or future implant removal.


Every single person who either decide on breast augmentation or decides against it did it for their own reasons. Everyone is different so it makes sense that women would want larger chests for different reasons. For most that decide against breast augmentation it’s because they’re afraid to risk surgery, or scared that they won’t be happy with the results. There is also a concern expressed by those who got implants and did not like all the attention they got afterward. You will be stared at so if you do not like attention – do not get implants. And, get the real body you have always wanted.

The fear of surgery and results can be soothed by taking your time and choosing the best doctor for you. Rushing into cosmetic surgery is never recommended. You should weight your options, find the best doctor, and have a plan for after the surgery. You’ll need help for some time afterward typically 3-5 days. The results won’t be apparent immediately. Swelling and pain is to be expected for a while after. The results of a breast enlargement won’t be completely evident until you are healed and all swelling has subsided which can take a months or more typically 3+ months. And, don’t complain how long it take.  This is something to be taken in to consideration before you undergo surgery.  In other words get your surgery in March to be ready for summer.

Some ladies are worried about the way that they will be perceived after surgery. What if they’re too big? What if they draw too much attention? Will people be able to tell that I had breast implants? Remember, you’re doing this for you, not for anyone else. So, don’t worry about what other will think after your surgery. The key is that you’re happy with yourself. If you are tired of looking like a boy, have sagging-tilting or other challenges (after child deflation), natural size differences, breast surgery in most cases can correct a large number of issues. From our experience, though there are girls who are unhappy with the results, the majority really love their implants.

They give girls widely increased confidence and who doesn’t want to go to Victoria’s Secret and buy great tops not just panties or even a t-shirt.

The thought of being happy with yourself, your appearance and your new breasts, leads us to the advantages of this cosmetic surgery.


The main advantage of breast implants is the added confidence that they provide. One of the not talked about subjects is that breasts “stay on top” when a girl is on her back nice for sunbathing and those intimate moments. Imagine baring it in a bikini and filling out the top perfectly. We’ve even seen cases in which ladies wish they had went bigger and actually go back for second surgeries (hence taking your time and making the best choices first). Having small, sagging, deflated or uneven breasts is a huge self-esteem killer for a lot of women. A surgery can change that aspect of your life and help you gain a new confidence. Just make sure that it’s your breasts that you’re really unhappy with and not some other aspect of your life you’re hoping bigger boobs will fix – like your boyfriend leaving you or you not getting that promotion. While natural breasts are nice when you are young, gravity takes its toll much sooner than you think. We also recommend that having a “mommy makeover” before becoming a mommy may (check with doctor) reduce the typical serious sagging after breast feeding. This is what happens after breast feeding:After new implants Let’s be realistic, larger and even larger breasts will help yourself confidence physically, but you have to have it together elsewhere for them to create the total package.

Brit loves her new implants 450cc silicon under the muscle under the crease incision.

For those who decide to go for it the advantages far outweigh the concerns or risks. You can achieve the body that you’ve always dreamed of from diet and exercise and realize you can’t drastically increase the size of your chest without surgery. Being able to give yourself the physique that you’ve always wanted can be a huge confidence booster and create a sense of completeness and vastly increased happiness.

So, you really need to ask yourself ‘what are you waiting for?’ Do the concerns outweigh your advantages? Are you set on getting them, but haven’t found the right doctor? Whatever holds you back just remember to look at the facts, take your time addressing your concerns and preparing, but think of all the great advantages of having the bust that you’ve always wanted.

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