Thanks to Realself for complete article – From an increase in Botox to the rise of Emsculpt, the hot new body-contouring treatment that helps grow muscle and boost the booty, 2019 saw a continued rise in consumer interest for minimally invasive cosmetic treatments.

In fact, consumer interest in minimally invasive treatments on RealSelf has outpaced interest in surgical treatment options since 2015.

Botox topped the list as the most-researched minimally invasive treatment in 2018 for the second year running. For those seeking longer-lasting results, several surgical options are still quite popular: Breast augmentation continues to be the top surgical treatment researched on RealSelf.

These findings and more are part of the RealSelf 2018 Aesthetics Trend Report, compiled by analyzing behavior trends of U.S. consumers researching on RealSelf during 2018.