5 Foods that are Effective Aphrodisiacs

Do you occasionally feel extremely sexually aroused and don’t know what caused it? Well, there are many possible reasons for that. Maybe you were just in a very good mood. Or maybe, you took an aphrodisiac food without knowing its effects, and you had a hard-on that lasted for hours.

Some foods are considered effective aphrodisiacs, and you can take them to enhance your performance in the bedroom. It’s always best to go the natural way by eating these foods—no side effects.

This list brings you five of the best aphrodisiac foods. The list does not include some herbs such as Gingko Biloba and Red Ginseng, which are scientifically proven aphrodisiacs. The list only contains normal everyday foods that you can easily find and try out after reading this article.


Bananas contain potassium, which increases muscle strength and intensify orgasms. The aphrodisiac effects of bananas work specifically on men, through a bromelain enzyme. This enzyme is believed to increase a man’s sex drive. For women, the sight of a ripe banana already gives them ideas. If you know, you know.


Legend has it that Casanova used to eat oysters to fuel his stamina. This statement is enough to tell you the effects of this seafood, but we will go ahead and tell you why it’s a great aphrodisiac.

Oyster contains Zinc in large quantities. Zinc deficiency is known to have negative effects on a man’s testosterone levels and eating oysters can remedy the effects. This is because Zinc is an important mineral in the production of testosterone. In addition, Zinc improves sperm production as well as the immune system. As if that’s not enough, the amino acids in oysters will increase your libido—for both men and women. It does this by helping in the production of dopamine.


Watermelon is so good that some experts now call it the new Viagra. This is because eating the fruit has Viagra-like effects on human blood vessels. Citrulline amino acids in watermelon relaxes and dilate blood vessels, just like Viagra. Citrulline also increases blood flow. Let’s not forget that watermelon keeps you hydrated.

Freshly squeezed juice from a watermelon on a table in glasses. Preparation of a cocktail or a non-alcoholic drink. Healthy Eating and Fruitarianism


Asparagus is a great source of potassium, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B. These are sexually stimulating nutrients. Vitamin B helps in the production of histamine which is responsible for increase sex drive in both men and women.


Last in this list is garlic, which you should eat in its raw form for best results. The heat in garlic stirs up your libido and will keep you going on and on. Eating garlic increases blood flow to sexual organs. However, do not expect instant results from garlic.  You need to consume garlic for about a month before you start experiencing its wonderful aphrodisiac benefits.

Let’s face it, eating raw garlic might be unpleasant, considering the smell. A great alternative is eating the capsules available in natural food markets.


Ditch the Viagra and eat watermelons, they have the same effects after all. Other great options in the list include asparagus, garlic, bananas, and oysters. As we’ve seen, these foods contain nutrients and minerals that help in relaxing your blood vessels, increase blood flow, or strengthening your muscles.

Some of the foods increase your energy, making you feel like having sex. Let’s also not forget the placebo effects associated with some of these foods. This is when, for example, a man believes that eating a banana will help him have a hard erection, or last long. Here, the man does not credit the results to the potassium or bromelain enzyme. Whether for the nutrients or placebo effect, go ye and eat these foods.

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