Conventional Dating Versus Sugar Dating

There might be some differences between conventional dating and sugar dating, but the fundamentals remain the same. For example, respect is expected to be mutual in both scenarios. Some people might argue that there is no mutual love in sugar dating. It is assumed that one of the parties, often the younger ones, are in it for the money. This might be true in most situations, but not all. The older party might be swept away by the youth and beauty of the younglings, but there is no denying that some of these sugar babies genuinely love their ‘daddies’—or ‘mommies’ for that matter. Oh yes, let’s not forget about cougars or sugar mommas whose thirst cannot be quenched by their age mates, and gigolos always come to their rescue. In these meetings of interest, reciprocity of love is non-essential. What’s important is that everyone gets what they need, and the party goes on.

There are many reasons why the modern young woman won’t mind dating a 70-year-old millionaire with children older than her. The old men and women also get lots of benefits from dating young partners, whether they are clandestine or public affairs.

Financial Freedom

The financial freedom that comes with dating older men gets young women hooked to SD’s. Sugar daddies are known to lavish their sugar babies with gifts, often things that a typical young man would not afford to buy their girlfriend. In addition, the young woman gets all her bills catered for. There is no headache of where the next rent will come from, ‘daddy’ will take care of it.

Call it being lazy, or prostitution, but when it’s two consenting adults with this type of arrangement, society should not judge. In fact, some of these partners end up getting married. And finally the sugar baby inherits all the wealth. And she becomes wealthy. What does the old man get in return? Well, he gets his ego massaged like crazy. Being seen with the hottest models in town gives them a thrill, like they are still in their early twenties hitting on campus hotties. Most importantly, the SD does not feel lonely when dating a sugar baby.


One of the outstanding benefits of sugar dating is that it is a no-strings attached type of relationship. Both parties understand that the arrangement is based on mutual benefits. As long as the sugar baby keeps her sugar daddy happy, she gets all that she wants. Same case applies with a young man with his sugar momma. Sometimes the old partners—sugar daddies and sugar mommas—might still be married, and the sugar babies are expected to respect this and keep it low profile. There is also a different group that, married or not married, go all out to show public display of affection with their young catch.

Handsome young man and attractive young woman are spending time together. Romantic couple in cafe is drinking coffee and enjoying being together.


Mentorship is never seen as one of the benefits that sugar babies get from their partners. But when you look at it from a different perspective, there are lots of knowledge and experience that can be gained. A 25-year-old business student or graduate can gain a lot from a successful 65-year-old business mogul. This benefit, however, all depends on the sugar baby.  If she/he is strategic and becomes a good student, they can learn a lot. Away from all the glamour that comes with being associated with the city’s most popular billionaire, a good student will learn the tricks that made their sugar daddy or sugar mama successful.

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Two or three decades ago, sugar dating was kept under a very low profile. If you were the old man, you would be mocked. Same case for the sugar babies. In 2019, sugar dating sites are among the most searched dating sites on the Internet. Sugar dating is popular.

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