Astrology and Love at First-Sight and Forever

I have done more than 2,000 charts over 20 years with in-person readings. It’s a great experience and certainly rarely what people think it is all about. First, do not ever read your daily stars, horoscope or whatever else they call it. Once you get your complete astrology chart done and a reading you will understand that your “sun” sign is hardly but a minor part of your star chart. We present a number of charts to show you really real birth charts so you can see the “wheel.” Astrology is a life-long study and if you are serious about being really real then you will get your own chart and a reading.

Second, while you may be a sun sign Pisces, all your planets are likely in another signs. Here are the fundamentals and you will find like with anything there can be some differences but having done so many it is ALL very real and after I know a person’s Mercury I can tell their speech pattern from which sign not what but how they are going to say it.

There are signs and planets each has their own meaning. Here’s a brief introduction as you well know if you are interested in this subject there are some very large books.

Here are the signs which change around the 20th of each month with some variation. As you know people who’s birthday is on the 20th-21st they are often referred to as being on the “cusp.”

The following are my views after doing charts for 20 years, if you disagree please do and do it your way but these are my findings.


  • Capricorn – December-January – earth sign – practical see the world “as is” reliable, warm , kind
  • Acquarius – January-February – air sign – their view of love is brotherly love, they love you but its ok you are in Paris – absolute control personalities as one said, “if she can’t control it, she doesn’t do it”
  • March – water sign – one of the three dual signs (Pisces-Fish, Gemini-Twins, Libra-Scales – emotionally intense, romantic and visionary (don’t often quote names but Steve Jobs, Einstein) – sometimes stuck in their own fish pond emotionally
  • Aires – fire sign – intense – arrogant – fire signs are often quite confident as they are not afraid to jump into the “fire”
  • Taurus – earth sign – most likeable of all the signs, however the most stubborn of all the signs often from personal experience would literally rather sadly die than change
  • Gemini – air sign – dual-sign – most curious of all the signs always ready to try but often conflicted with the results “I wish I had gotten what she had” or “that’s not what I really wanted”
  • Cancer – water sign – like the crab hard outside but very soft inside, very giving but often holding on long after love has gone
  • Leo – fire sign – the only sign that IMHO comes out in a physical way like Lion mane “hair” – they are the rulers and while nice often expect them to rule you
  • Virgo – earth sign – details and detailed, its not about virginity but about perfection, often very on-off (black-white) about emotions and can turn on you in a snap
  • Libra – air sign – dual sign – like the scales often can’t decide on anything but generally very committed partners
  • Scorpio – water sign – the most intense of all the signs – the most sexual often wondering why “we are not just having sex all the time”
  • Sagittarius – fire sign – intense always ready to travel and do something new, great sales people – if allowed I would hire on a persons chart but you can’t ask DOB until later


Here are the planets:

  • Four Types:
    • Earth – like the earth see the world in a practical way
    • Air – see the “big picture” though emotionally detached like clouds
    • Water – like the water inside us and the way were were all once living in the ocean surrounded by water – emotionally intense
    • Fire – like forest fires burning into new wood, rarely looking back to what is already burnt
  • Sun – an overview of who you are more like the make of a car with some indication of patterns such as
  • Moon – personality – not much more to say but what you are really like
  • Mercury – communications – your manner and speaking style
  • Venus – love – your feelings about feelings and where your heart is
  • Mars – passion – where are you passions
  • Jupiter – big picture – what are your lifelong aspirations and views
  • Saturn – career – what you want to be when you grow up
  • Uranus/Neptune – philosophy – your inner views of the world
  • Pluto – sex – yes this is where that is

Bottom-line – Doing your chart lets you interpret each planet and each sign. That is, your Mercury is in Scorpio – you are very intense about the way you speak. You will understand that you are composed of many different signs in each of your planets and not just one Sun sign. Now you understand why you should never read those daily horoscopes. Get your own chart done so you understand who you really are and most importantly realize that everyone else has a completely different chart from you and interprets the world in a completely different want. Having done many couples charts, there is often a real match in the planets and signs, however, their is always the BS part in any relationship and I tell them – if the other person does things that often really piss you off, that is who they are and if you cannot accept that then, move on now because its in their stars to do it. However, having the right stars and planets all aligned together perfectly explains “love at first sight.”

If you want your chart done, it is $100 and 25-pages PDF for you and a 30-minute reading (subject to availability) and this offer may be removed/changed without notice. I will need your DOB, place of birth and time of birth (or guess). I really don’t need your name so you can see that it is really real. Actually find an astrologer locally as they are often really good as this is a very complex subject.

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