Sugar Dating – Polyamorous Quartet

Dating – Polyamorous Quartet

Shopping!Shannon is a level-headed 23 year-old Virgo with a ‘9-5’ job and is in a committed relationship. Her girlfriend, Rachel, is a free-spirited Sagittarian adrenaline-junkie, who at 31, writes for an extreme sports magazine and hops from skydiving one day to scuba diving the next, for her work. They had been together three years before Rachel met Mia at a training center for rock climbing across town. Mia was a hippie of sorts, a shy and reserved 19 year old who loved incense, herbal tea, vintage clothing, thrift shops and craft stores. She didn’t have a job, didn’t have a whole lot of direction, and had dropped out of school in the ninth grade to help her Mom pay the bills at home for her younger siblings. Rachel felt compelled to help her, and even more compelled by her youthful vibrancy and beauty. Click on image for iSeekSugar app.  Mia had been at the training center looking for her boyfriend who frequented the site on his weekends. But lucky for Rachel, he hadn’t been there. They had tea at a café nearby, and were secretly infatuated with each other from then on. Since both were in committed relationships, however, neither of them wanted to spoil those in exchange of an affair – despite their mutual desire for one another. Mia confessed that she was attracted to Rachel, but that she still loved her boyfriend. Rachel agreed in thoughts of Shannon.

Just Friends

Presenting the numbersAs time went on, Rachel learned that Mia’s boyfriend was named Jordan. He was 44 years old and she had found him on a sugar daddy dating site. He was a public speaking instructor at some community college and was working towards his masters in linguistics. He had already completed a number of degrees in film and journalism, and was forever building to his repertoire of academia. He inherited a lot of money from his father’s estate after he passed away four years ago. And even though he didn’t admit it, Mia suspected he’d come from a very wealthy family and never needed to work, which would explain why he had so much time for studies while taking low income jobs his whole life. He was seeking female companionship at the same time that she was seeking guidance and nurturing. Mia described their love for each other as sincere and passionate despite what some onlookers may assume. They’d been together for a year and she wasn’t planning on breaking that streak anytime soon. Mia in turn, learned much about Rachel’s relationship with Shannon and how Shannon had been the secretary at some construction office she had stumbled upon one day. Soon she was devising plans to casually see her and speak with her on the phone. Shannon had never considered being a lesbian until she’d escaped an abusive relationship with her last boyfriend, after which she had a hard time trusting men again. Mia could understand now that Rachel was one of those types of partners that need to be the place of sanctuary for a person in the relationship – much like Jordan was to her in their union.


Double Date

It wasn’t long after they became best friends that they agreed to double date one evening. They had arranged a night of steaks and burgers at the local hip bistro followed by a night of bar hopping and dance clubs. With all the drinks soaking into their bloodstream and heart pounding music vibrating around them, they would get a chance to really connect with each other in a pressure-free environment. Jordan found Shannon uncontrollably attractive and very much his type; all though he’d never say it aloud – he didn’t know how romantically interested Mia and Rachel were already. Shannon was completely wary of Jordan, and stayed her distance from him all throughout dinner. Mia, possibly inspired by the new territory she had explored connecting mentally with Rachel, was also attracted to Shannon as well. And Shannon was secretly crushing on Mia, but would never dream of admitting it to Rachel or even herself. Along with those immediate physical attractions, she also felt a bit intimidated by Mia, considering the possibilities that could have occurred between her and Rachel with all the time they’d been spending together. She never pictured Mia to be so wonderfully introspective yet relaxed and gorgeous all at once. Jordan found Rachel to be a bit too aggressive to be friendly with. He felt like she was headstrong and he wasn’t used to such forcefulness in a woman. And Rachel didn’t think too much of Jordan. He seemed like a bookworm who never got out a whole lot, and came across quite sheltered. She thought they could be friends easily though, he would just need to come out of his shell a bit, and she would help with that.


1ipartyinvite20aTheir plans to screen the bars hit a snag when Mia got stamped at the door: underage. With Mia unable to partake in the binge between the rest of them underway, Shannon decided to not drink either. Instead, she used it as a perfect opportunity to get to know Mia better. They gradually bonded while Rachel challenged Jordan to a couple of friendly drinking games from bar to bar, getting him drunker and drunker. Rachel could hold her own a little better than Jordan could, so by the time all four of them reached their first club of the night, she was relatively sober compared to him. He was so loosened up that he started spouting how sexy he thought each of the ladies was. He felt a surprisingly strong gravitation towards Rachel, who he did not expect to feel this way about. Rachel even, was mildly intrigued by this unhinged and oiled up version of Jordan that she had egged on. Shannon and Mia were grinding each other like rabid horny bunnies on the dance floor – and this was minus the influence of alcohol. There was no jealousy in the air – just four interconnected and sexually aroused people, two drunk and two sober.

The Proposal

The next day, the girls woke up to find themselves wrapped up in each other – clothes off – on Jordan’s living room floor. From left to right, Shannon spooned Mia, who was cozy against Rachel, who was to her surprise, spooned by Jordan, which revealed a much intermixed sandwich. Mia was the first to break the snuggle fest, tip toeing to the kitchen to brew a pot of coffee for everyone. As the rest of the gang began to stir – Shannon had scooted in closer to Rachel to seal the gap between them – Mia brought out a tray balancing four steaming mugs accompanied by a bottle of aspirin. Everyone graciously accepted their mugs and looked around at each other in attempt to fully comprehend the situation at hand. Jordan, realizing his close and personal position to Rachel, immediately sprang up and shifted over to Mia on the couch. And Shannon put her arm around Rachel at the same time. But quiet Mia was the first to speak. She pointed out the awkwardness they all must be feeling, but then she emphasized the fact that everyone seemed to enjoy themselves the night before and this morning. She divulged the fondness that grew between her and Rachel romantically, and how she’d like to continue this relationship between the four of them, romantically. But not before prefacing this proposal with a reassuring of how dear Jordan was to her and Shannon was to Rachel.


To assist her, Rachel jumped in and applauded Mia for stepping up and saying what she knew each of them were thinking – whether they wanted to or not. She stated that their primary partners would stay the same, but that their relationship with each other, however mixed it may be at times, was always secondary, as to not rock the boat too much. Jordan didn’t take long to think about it, and agreed that that was something he’d be willing to try out and was equally interested in. Shannon, however, was softened to the idea of having Mia join her and Rachel’s relationship as even a primary, but she wasn’t sold on the idea of Jordan just yet. She needed some coaxing – and it seemed all three of them knew exactly how to persuade her. They didn’t immediately jump into the sack yet, all though they were each secretly longing to share that first experience soon. They needed to build the foundation for this new joining of relationships on trust and understanding, first and foremost – like many meaningful relationships. So Rachel took them all out to an easy, breezy day on the lake. Taking the wave-runners out for a few laps, reading under a shaded tree and barbequing was how Shannon liked to spend her summer weekends, and Rachel knew this. While Shannon prepped the runners off the dock with Mia, Rachel started in on a surprise for the other three. She blew up a double-seated raft to go tubing on the back of the runners later – Shannon had been too scared to try it with just the two of them, but since there was a crowd, she thought it might boost her to do so, and enjoy it. Jordan fired up the grills while Shannon and Rachel strapped into life-jackets to get ready to go for a ride. Mia stayed behind with Jordan while the two of them went for a race around the bend.

Lovely woman's thighsWhen they came back, soaking and wet, Mia watched Rachel’s firm legs swing off the seat, her taught-toned and tanned muscles flexing as they did so. Mia swallowed, she had never been this eager to jump Rachel’s bones. Shannon caught the eye of Jordan as she released the clasps of her jacket, her bosom burst out, revealing large cleavage in her white drooping one-piece bikini. He tried to covertly adjust his swim trunks to make room for the growing manhood. She smirked a little bit as she too caught herself taking a better look at his long arms and broad shoulders, his large muscles defining him. For a nerdy guy, he wasn’t deprived much in the muscle department, she shamefully thought to herself. She didn’t think she’d ever like a man again, and maybe it was the feeling of the day or the coolness of the water beading up along her oily skin in this hot summer heat – but when she looked at him shirtless, she felt exceptionally wet inside her swimsuit, and it wasn’t just the water.

Making It Official

After taking Mia out on a few races and splashing around in the shallow waters a bit, the girls were called in for lunch. Mia helped serve everyone with Jordan, and he cracked a few beers and passed them around. After hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad and fruit medley – everyone lounged on widespread beach towels staring up at the sun, all except Jordan. Instead he settled himself on a chair underneath the shade of a tree, and opened a book. Mia asked him why he didn’t sit with them for a bit. He nodded it off. Then Shannon begged him to come over and sit by her because she’d seen him behind the grill all day and never out to play, and she wanted some time with him. This solidified it. The other three finally felt some understanding forming between them, and their four-way relationship sprouted even more. He came and sat between her and Mia, and the two of them stroked his chest tucked under his arms as Rachel began to crawl her two fingers flirtatiously down Mia’s bottom half of her bikini. The other two watched out of the corner of their eyes, imagining how she was twirling the pads of her finger tips against her clitoris, as Rachel started to smooth her hand down Mia’s crotch inside her suit, and just as Mia’s eyes began to roll back in heightening pleasure, Rachel licking up her shoulder with the tip of her tongue – she yanked her hand out from underneath, and shot up!


She grabbed Mia’s hand and Shannon’s, yelled for them to come in the water and go tubing, and Shannon and Mia pulled Jordan up following her into the water. A little startled by the sudden change of agenda, Shannon giggled because she knew this was Rachel’s version of foreplay, getting things going and then stopping them with some other activity to draw the desire out until they could be alone. Jordan, however, was a little irritated – his shorts now unmistakably bulging out in the waist area. Mia tried to ease his irritation since she knew he was not one for teasing, and joked about how he looked like the Hulk ready to burst through his shorts with his full erection, and they all laughed and helped tie the rope from the tube to the back of a wave-runner. Shannon didn’t even hesitate, and sank on the raft with Jordan, both of them bettering their grip on the handles while Rachel took reins of the runner with Mia back-to-back with her. She straddled the seat and grinded it, winking and giggling to Jordan and Shannon. They both shifted on the raft with excitement. The rest of the day was spent at exhilarating speeds and laughter and flirting as they all alternated positions, whipping each other off the raft in a sharp turn or hitting a massive wave with a crash that sent the two passengers soaring through the sky. They even stopped at spot in the middle of the lake, and took a dive with each other. Between the heart racing activity and the slippery feel of one another’s skin, and playfully grabbing at each other’s waists and goosing each other’s butts, they hardly noticed the time passing by at such an enormously fast rate. It was already sunset before Shannon noticed and suggested they pack it up. There was no loss in the feeling of fun though, as they all packed up the coolers and hooked up the runners to the trailer, they all knew what was on each other’s minds without saying it – the evening activity was just beginning.


When they got to Rachel and Shannon’s home, they didn’t even bother to park the trailer and Yukon correctly, they haphazardly left it hanging halfway out the garage and hurried into the house without seeming overly excited.  Resting on each other’s laps across the bed, each of them took a moment of air conditioned relief from the sun before engaging in the part of the day they looked forward to the most. Rachel was the first to make the move, starting where she left off. Her head lay right next to Mia’s crotch, and she slowly pulled her pink bottoms off, digging straight into her pudendum. She flicked her tongue all around, swiping it up and down through her slot like a card in a credit machine; then she double backed to her clitoris, where she used the muscle in her tongue to generate vibrancy with the tip of it, all while sucking with her lips on the sensitive skin around this area. Mia moaned with shortness of breath at every salivating nerve she hit. She tilted her head back and lifted her neck, bending and griping to the bead sheets with her hands. Shannon, who was playing with herself this entire time while watching, took this as her cue and jumped into to suck her tongue out of her face with her lips. Mia and Shannon engaged in a full on wet French kiss, their lipstick and gloss staining the sides of their mouths and cheeks. Mia placed a delicate hand on Rachel’s head, gently rubbing her face into her more, smothering her tongue deeper inside her. She placed her other hand on one of Shannon’s breast and ravished it, squeezing and flicking her tongue all around the nipple. Shannon squeaked a small utter of satisfaction, and continued to shove her fingers inside of herself. Jordan who began stroking his own member some time ago without even realizing it, his eyes glued to the scene in front of him like a buffet of decadent meals, sprang to the opportunity. He untied the knot in Shannon’s suit behind her neck, pulled it down –Mia gave him only a small window of opportunity as she was fighting the twitch of pleasure she felt from Rachel while engorging herself in Shannon’s tits – and he shoved his way in. Gently moving away her hands from insider herself, and then rubbing the pad of his thumb hard against her clitoris in a circular motion. He seemed to be on some tangent of ecstasy for her because she locked her eyes in on him and started to curl her lips in a sensual way, bending her knees and lifting her legs to let him in, shuddering from the pleasure.

Right before he entered, she stopped him at his chest with her hand and sucked on his index finger, but this made him ready to explode. He moved inside her, her muffin sweet and dripping with wetness, he held her back as he pumped with his pelvis. Shannon made a loud moan that shook the bed, leaving Mia without lips to lock. He quickly stepped in and shoved his tongue into her mouth, and she massaged it forcefully and with strength by her own. Rachel took a moment to breathe, and stuck her two fingers into Mia whipping around there gently, making Mia arch her waist up seeking more and more sensation. She gently pushed Jordan away, brought Rachel up to her mouth and pried herself away from Shannon’s tits. They rolled out of the bundle together and switched positions as Mia made kisses all the way down her abs and onto her labia. She squeezed her hips with her hands and swirled her tongue inside of her, jutting in and out and around like it was her favorite popsicle that was melting and she had to slurp it all up.

Jordan focused on Shannon, pulling her hair back a little and kissing her tilted neck. This tickle made Shannon bend inward and in doing so, forced him further inside her – her eyes melted like she’d never felt this excitement before in her life. She could hear his heated breath breathing down her neck and in her hair. He pounded away, and then slowed it down with the sounds of her gasps. She bit her lip and looked him in the eyes, holding his chin in her hands. But as soon as they were about to kiss, Rachel and Mia shimmied in taking their partners aside. There look of pleasure that comes with a finished orgasm was slapped on Rachel’s face as she straddled Shannon and swallowed her breasts over and over with her lips. Mia pulled Jordan out of Shannon, and pushed him to the bed. She sank his member deep into her mouth and sucked his tip into an even stiffer pole. Then she pressed herself on and around him, and sank his penis inside her wet and erotically charged storm. Already nearly having gotten off from being inside Shannon, and feeling the tenderness of Mia’s tongue and body, it was hardly any time at all before he ejaculated with a shudder. Mia giggled, kissed him on the lips, and settled next to him, just as Shannon cried out in orgasmic pleasure. Rachel settled in next to her, and gave Mia a kiss before spooning Shannon.

Exponential Partners Is Mutually Beneficial

It was certainly the most salacious setting either had ever been in. But they were hooked. And ever since then, the four-way relationship has worked out amazing for each of their needs. Jordan takes them all out on lovely meals in the evenings and helps out with each of their expenses if the need ever arises. Mia is there for emotional support to each of them. Shannon is there for life coaching advice in many of their problematic areas professionally. And Rachel is there to help bring out the outgoing and energetic side in all of them. And they are all physically satisfying to one another. Even though they wouldn’t consider themselves sugar daters now that they’ve joined together – the fact remains that sugar dating has never tasted so sweet.


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