Smartphone Addiction Intervention? – 10 Ways to Tell You’re an Addict

On ChicsTech our other blog, we’ve featured a variety of accessories for tech-conscious, chic ladies. But while you’re accessorizing your smartphone, did you ever think you might be a little too into it? Is it an accessory or has it gone way beyond? Find out if you’re an smartphone addict by reading through this list.

1.  You take your smartphone to the bedroom-bathroom everywhere 24×7 and you wakeup in the morning with a smartphone “crease” across your face. Ok, you can take your smartphone to bed with you but don’t expect your bedmate to love you more for it.  Indeed, they may find it a bit too much you are texting during intimacy.  As far as the bathroom is concerned, this isn’t really sanitary and not cool. When you’re out to dinner, the only reason you might need your smartphone is to fake a “getaway” call on a bad date. Don’t trek your smartphone to the bathroom with you because we all know someone who has had to save their phone from a watery grave after dropping it in the toilet.
2. You have named your Smartphone. Yeah, really. People do this. If you no longer call your phone a phone, it’s time to call a spade a spade and admit your addiction. Names like “The Digitizer” and “Frank” go way into the weird category.
3. Your Smartphone is accessorized. If you’ve ever set your phone on the table instead of your clutch, you might have a problem. If you’re so proud of the way you’ve matched the perfect case to your white phone or have gone all matte black on your black or gold smartphone, you might have an addiction. Put it back in your purse.
4. You’ll immediately walk out of a wireless store if they don’t have Apple. Clearly, they aren’t cool enough for you. Wireless carriers are nearly required by techie law now to carry smartphone but you’re the first to point it out to them if they need to carry the phones…or at least more smartphone accessories.
5. You have Chargers in every room and everywhere else. Car charger, bedroom charger, desk charger, home desk charger, living room charger, kitchen charger etc., etc. If you have a mini freak out every time your phone buzzes 20% (“Oh no! It might shut off!”), then you need to admit the addiction.
6. If something doesn’t sync with Apple, it sure won’t sync with you. Yes, there’s something to be said for the ease of an all-in-one piece of technology, but just because your Word document won’t open on your iPhone doesn’t mean you need to ban Word from existence.
7. You still have ringtone and you never have it on vibrate. Brag much? This is a surefire sign you want others to know just what kind of phone you have. Chill out.
8. You gave up your camera so you could whip out your phone for pictures. It’s totally true and legitimate that smartphones take great pictures and some phone pictures even rival those of cameras. But if you got rid of your nice camera just to use your smartphone more often, you might have the Apple Addiction. (*this does not apply to Twitter users who have many good reasons for taking photos with their smartphone)
9. You love signing e-mails “Sent From My Smartphone.” Did you know that some people have deliberately deleted this phrase so people don’t know they’re e-mailing from their smartphone?
10. You consider non-Apple technology obsolete. Android, Droid and any other smart phone might as well be a dumb phone as far as you’re concerned.
11. Apps – This was added since it yet another level addiction that we can only begin to understand and will write more about.

If this list started sounding too familiar around number three (or if you’re reading this on your iPhone) take a step back, a deep breath and turn your phone off for a few minutes.

Editor’s Note: this list was compiled by a “borderline” iPhone addict, well really an addict but not wanting to admit it.

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