Vchic Guide to Going Bare (Down There)

With bikini, hot fashion, fitness shorts and short-shorts in-season now all the time not just for summer beaches it’s always time to start preparing to show off some extra skin. An embarrassing but necessary topic to consider when it’s summer prep time is hair removal. While most of us shave our legs year round some of us tend to let the nether regions go until it’s time to wear skimpier styles. Well ladies, it’s time. To ease the pain of this annoying task we’re going to give you plenty of tips and tricks to get your bikini zone clean and smooth in time for those short shorts or string bikini.  And, if you are in the mood for a new dating app, click on image below.

1) The first thing you need to know when removing your hair down there is that there are a few options for hair removal. The most popular and least expensive would be shaving. Then there is waxing which requires a salon visit and can be a bit pricier. Laser hair removal is another highly effective (and permanent) but expensive option that you can consider when it comes to hair removal.

Most of us will go with shaving or waxing for cost sake. If you aren’t comfortable with having a salon professional work close to that area, and the idea of doing it yourself at home terrifies you, then shaving may be your best option.

2) If you decide to go with shaving the bikini line there are a few basics that you need to cover: a new and clean razor, plenty of warm water, a rich lotion or shave cream, exfoliating product like a gentle scrub, and an aftershave cream like ‘Bikini Zone’ or baby powder.

  • Before you begin to shave you should soak in a warm bath for about 5 minutes so that your hair softens and comes off more easily. (If your hair is more than ¼” long you should first trim it down with some small scissors or shaving won’t work well at all)
  • Exfoliate the area for about 30 seconds to a minute – this will remove any dead skin or dry patches that may cause issues when the razor glides across. It will also help raise the hair from the follicle and remove any dead skin around the hair follicle preventing razor bumps or rash afterward.
  • Coat the area to be shaved with plenty of shave cream, gel or lotion. If you don’t have shaving cream but do have a rich hair conditioner that will work well also.

  • Next rinse your new unused razor in warm water. Then slowly glide the razor across the hair that you want to remove. We don’t suggest going against the direction of hair growth because it can cause quite a bit of irritation and possibly razor rash. Shaving in the same direction of the hair can be ineffective and cause you to make multiple passes also creating a rash. So, instead try to go from side to side gently removing the hair in as few swipes as possible.
  • When you have shaved away all of the hairs rinse the area with warm then cool water. The cool water will help to close the hair follicles and prevent razor bumps.
  • Once you have dried the area thoroughly we recommend applying an aftershave cream like ‘Bikini Zone’ brand cream. If you can’t find it or simply don’t want to spend the money you can apply a bit of baby powder to the freshly shaved area. This should help prevent irritation and the dreaded razor rash.
  • We also recommend avoiding tight synthetic materials on this area for a few hours after shaving as they can also cause an ugly rash. If you have time wear a loose dress with no panties, or a pair of comfy cotton ones for a few hours (or longer) to be sure that the area is calm and won’t become irritated.  After all, what good is a hairless bikini line if it’s covered in nasty red bumps?

3) If shaving often doesn’t sound like much fun, we highly recommend waxing your bikini area. It only takes a few minutes, and the results last for weeks. The drawbacks to waxing are usually the pain (which only lasts for a second) and the fact that someone else has to be so close to that area. If neither of these factors scare you then go for it. You’ll be smoother for longer and able to strut in those skimpy shorts without worrying about unsightly stray hair poking around.

4) If you are serious about permanent hair removal we also recommend laser hair removal. When you decide to try laser hair removal a doctor or professional administers the treatment. You will typically have to visit first for a consultation, then return for the procedure. It takes a while to remove the hair on larger areas, but the results will last a lifetime. A couple of drawbacks to laser hair removal are that you may have to go for several treatments spaced out over several weeks to see permanent results. It can also be expensive ranging from a couple hundred dollars for a small area to several thousand for larger areas such as legs.

If you want to keep that bikini zone soft, smooth and sexy this season take some of our tips and get rid of the unsightly hair down there. Remember to consider all of your options (time, bravery, budget, etc) and go with the method that best suits your body and situation. It’s all about being comfortable, looking sexy, and showing off that hot body in your favorite short shorts, skirts, and bikinis this spring and summer.

Do you have any other tips, ideas or solutions to common hair removal and shaving issues? Please share with us. We’d love to hear your advice on keeping sexy and smooth this season.

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