Arm Candy vs. Sugar Baby

From a distance these two personalities would seem to have identical meanings, however, if you look a little closer you will realize that a slew of differences between the two. While the sugar baby arrangement offers up a mutual agreed upon sexual benefit, an arm candy agreement doesn’t include that provision. Let’s dig a little deeper…

What is Arm Candy?

Arm candy is considered to be a sexually attractive individual that accompanies a person, usually of high social status, to events and social gatherings. However, there is no sexual relationship between the two people. This is done solely for attention and to maintain a favorable social status. Both parties win in this highly sought after arrangement – the arm candy receives financial gain and the other party maintains a desirable social status.

Arm Candy to Celebrity

Obtaining arm candy status sometimes have bigger financial gains than expected. Attaching yourself to the right “sponsor” has the potential to send you soaring up the social ladder, as well. People have a natural tendency to be nosey and when they have a favorite celebrity or crush, they are consistently keeping up with that individual and of course they are going to want to learn more about that beautiful female that accompanied him to the music awards last night . Many of the most popular women who have climbed the social ladder from arm candy beginnings.

What exactly is a Sugar Baby?

There are plenty of misconceptions about what it means to be a sugar baby – let me clear them up. A sugar baby is likely a girl though boys are on the scene as well who arranges a mutually beneficial relationship aka allowance with a sponsor, commonly known as a Sugar Daddy. The arrangement is a financially based one which usually (but not all the time) requires sexual benefits. Sugar babies are the recipients of lavish lifestyles such as extravagant gifts, trips, and dining.

It is indeed legal to be a sugar baby — it’s not considered prostitution, it’s merely a way to go about dating.

It is not always about sex — being that some SD just want companionship and to mentorship their SB.

Although time and effort is put into this relationship arrangement and it could be perceived as traditional dating from an outsider’s perspective, it’s definitely not. Emotions are non-existent and there is no obligation or commitment to one another. This opens the door to more fun and excitement in the arrangement — the possibilities are endless when there are no strings attached.


Arm candy and Sugar Babies definitely have similar characteristics being that both arrangements required time, monetary gain, and even the possibility to gain celebrity status. However, being a sugar baby requires much more of a potentially longer term commitment with sexual benefits, whereas, arm candy potentially is a one shot deal. There is much to gain out of both of these nontraditional arrangements. They are ideal for people who don’t want to be tied down and who are seeking a real improvement in their finances.

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