Dating vs. Sugardating – Empowering!

Traditional Dating

We all know how the typical dating scene works – the may and may nots are up in the air from the start. You finally meet your date and she/he may or may not find you attractive, they may or may not pick up the dinner tab, and most importantly, they may or may not call you after the date. This equals time and energy wasted – ain’t nobody got time for that.


There are many moral reservations when it comes to this type of dating and has been said to be comparable to prostitution. This misconception could never be further from the truth. Not all of these beneficial relationships are sex-related, some are solely about companionship and mentorship. However, this form of dating doesn’t leave anything for chance and is simply people who know what they want and have a mutual agreement – grown folks stuff (basically). Sugar Daddies (SD) are upfront about what they want and are more than willing to pay for their happiness whilst financially supporting their Sugar Baby (SB). This is nothing more than a generous gesture.

The Comparison

Kiss clingy attachments to the curb!

Unlike traditional dating, sugardating doesn’t require alot of your precious time and you don’t have to deal with anyone getting too emotionally attached or jealous. You can move how you want in these types of arrangements.

Play your position.

Traditional dating often requires monogamous stipulations that can become a hindrance after some time. Being with one person can become dry, stale and plain out BORING!!

When sugardating, you are free to date as many people as you like and enjoy the spice of life. You can enjoy playing the field without worrying about anyone getting hurt or going super ballistic. Though you should be upfront about whether you have one or more Sugar Daddies and at the same time be aware if SD is married and that is what you are or not looking for.

There are no grey areas – everything is out on the table.

When sugardating, there is absolutely no need to be dishonest, lie, or cheat because both parties already know what they are getting into and what to expect. Both are getting what they want and their needs are being met with no commitment expectations. Traditional dating opens the door for the potential to be dishonest because although some people say that they can handle the truth, nine times out of ten, they can’t due to emotional investment.

Looks aren’t everything.

Traditional daters put a major emphasis on attractiveness, physique, and youth. SB could care less about these attributes. In fact, SB desire older, wealthier, financially stable SD. The young, dumb, jock types get the boot in this scenario.

Empower yourself!

Traditional dating will have you feeling burnt out with your time and energy being compromised and not knowing where you stand with your lover. In sugardating, you not only know where you stand, you create the rules of the arrangement. You determine that you will be treated like gold, spoiled, and “kept.” Your SD can abide by your terms or keep it pushing – no hard feelings.


Although mainstream dating and sugardating principles seem as if they are worlds apart, factors such as respect, discretion, and honesty tie them together give them common ground. With a solid foundation and mutual admiration, who knows, sugardating could turn into a traditional relationship.

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