Sex and the City

by a real city sugar baby

When the old traditional ways of sugar sex become mundane and boring, it’s time to explore some new raunchy, tricks to entice and bring back that excitement back to your bedroom romps. You may be thinking that you’ve tried everything under the sun but trust me — you haven’t. These super sexy tricks will have your sugar daddy lusting after you and begging for more.  Before we get started always a good time to discuss protection.  Daddies don’t like latex, it often hurts, smells weird and ruins the experience and while you both worry about getting STDs and the almighty halo of getting you pregnant.  The answer is simple, both of you get tested and get committed to your arrangement.  It shows you are serious and looking to please him as much as he pleases you.  Get serious about being a real sugar baby by talking about this and show him you care for his protection as much as yours.  It’s so odd that girls will tell and complain about their sugar daddies but fail to talk to them about the issues that bother them.  Start talking and don’t assume that he is, or any person is psychic and if you think you are fat then you are don’t make your daddy lie because that belittles him and the arrangement.  Use your allowance to get trim/thin, taut and if he likes tan too. Be the super model that he is looking for and not just another sloppy lazy gold-digger girl.

  • Take It – There’s no need to wait for him to initiate the sex. Be spontaneous and take it when you want it and give him no mercy! Feeling frisky at a restaurant? Invite him into the bathroom or at his house and create a love scene. Getting hot and bothered by watching him shift gears in the car? Tell him to pull over and hop in the driver’s seat with him — press the gas on the relationship! Spice it up.
  • Be Vocal – Scream, moan, groan, curse — just let it all hang out (literally) in the bedroom. This is a definite must. Who wants to have silent, boring, mummified sex? Really. Let him know that you are enjoying him. Sugar daddies like to know that they are pleasing their baby — it turns them on to know that they are doing their part sexually.
  • Get toned and taut – Sex is great exercise but something you will never find in your fitness, yoga or hardcore exercises to get you toned and tuned up for sex. Also, if you are serious about sexual pleasure then learn Kegel exercises, also known as pelvic-floor exercise, involves repeatedly contracting and relaxing the muscles that form part of the pelvic floor, now sometimes colloquially referred to as the “Kegel muscles”.  Even the Mayo Clinic has a great guide to Kegel exercises.  Practice during sex and explore even more pleasure
  • Toys – Introduce some sex toys into your foreplay sessions. Sugar babies don’t always have to have all the fun when it comes to vibrators, lubes, and handcuffs. Of course, you should have a talk before proposing these sexual aides into the bedroom because some sugar daddies are more open to the idea than others.
  • Talk Dirty – This is one of the sexiest ways to arouse your daddy and keep him turned on during the intimate experience. The honesty and open communication that is revealed while you are “in the moment” is priceless and helps you to form a greater intimacy with your sugar daddy. It helps him to learn what you like, and you can also learn what drives him crazy just by listening during the sexual encounter.
  • Be Submissive – There is definitely a sexiness in being dominant but not all of the time. Sometimes it’s necessary to step down and let your sugar daddy lead, besides, that’s a man’s natural role in a relationship anyways. You can use roleplay — he can be the principal while you be the teacher. You can even give him complete control by letting him tie you up and having his way with you. Have fun with it!
  • Add a Friend – Having a threesome can be such a treat. Whether you and your sugar daddy fancy being watched or get your thrills from others watching you — it’s an exhilarating and exciting experience. If getting down with other people doesn’t work for you two, indulging in porn is always an amusing alternative.
Picture of really pretty women wearing swimsuits
  • Oral Sex– As taboo as it is, oral sex is one of the most satisfying sexual acts there is. Really take the time to savor his manhood. Sensual tactics like slowly breathe on his penis before making actual contact and lightly massaging his prostate while pleasing him will blow his mind. Look if you want him to please you with his tongue, tell him and show him where you like it, fingers too. Real daddies love giving pleasure too and if he has a bit too much hair down there, shave him yourself there and others places where hair adds a bit too much nose action.
  • One SB said the would tell him that she wanted to “Watch TV” mean she wanted to watch him with his “Tongue on her Vagina.” Tongues are really designed for sexual pleasure more than talking. Also girls don’t hold to his member like you holding a broom its very sensitive so more tongue, mouth and if you can all the way in your mouth.
  • Dressing Up – Dressing for sex is like dressing up for going out, go all in for innovative ways to show your fash/beauty style.  Riding daddy in your stilettos is always hot and cherry lips is always a winner in the bedroom and oolala, sensual perfumes, aromas and even a little whipped cream makes sex even more tasty. 
  • If you are large chested, if you have ever seen a girl far too large for her running bra running down the street you know what I mean by getting the girls to stay in place.  The same goes in the bedroom, a demi or .. to keep the girls in place keeps the excitement going rather going all over the place (that’s why implants have the advantage as they stay on top and in the right place).
  • Bathing – Most would agree that a bubble bath adds to the foreplay and gets all the place really clean for both of you.  If you can add a visit to the Spa beforehand its always to add to the pleasure.
  • Sex Positions – Variety is the spice of life and it’s no difference when it comes to bedroom action. Nobody wants to be with someone who is lame in the sack. The same routine will bore the heck out of anyone. Surprise your sugar daddy with something new and exciting. Try the Doggy Angle for starters because a new twist on an old move can make a heck of a difference. Then move into something more acrobatic like The Maypole (doing it while he holds you up). Present a different position every week — he will be astonished by your spontaneity.
  • Anal – For most men, this is a fan favorite but others — not so much. Have a chat with your sugar daddy to find out where he stands with this position. However, for those who enjoy slippery backdoor action – game on!  A water-based lubricant is essential here — Vaseline, baby oil, or spit will not do! Make sure you have your sugar daddy start slow and gradually ease into your backside. It helps with potential pain. The shower or bath would be an ideal location for this bedtime action. Making good use of your hands adds to the stimulation — rub his balls, grip his thighs, or play with your vagina. The options are endless.
  • Use Your Imagination – Vanilla sex is fine but keeping in mind that there are no limits or rules when it comes to sexual behavior could help with creativity. Your sugar daddy will be anxiously anticipating the next intimate encounter.
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As you can see, spicing things up isn’t hard at all. Incorporating other small things like an erotic massage and quickies in new places can break up that monotony in the bedroom and give the relationship that freshness that it needs to thrive.  Sending your thoughts and experiences to and enjoy sex as it is the most important thing you will ever do !

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