The Do’s and Don’ts of Being a Good Sugar Baby – Look Ahead and Watch Your Butt

When it comes to being a sugar baby, like anything else in this world, there are rules to abide by. Being that the sugar daddy/baby arrangement is set up like a traditional relationship, gaining emotional ties and attachments is easy. Here are a few tips that will help you maintain a healthy, professional arrangement and save you from unnecessary heartache.

Don’t try to get him to commit to you: Keep in mind that a sugar baby and sugar daddy relationship is not about any long-term commitment. It is short term and can end at any given time. Although, both parties could develop strong emotional ties and potentially fall in love –that is not the goal.

Assume upfront that you will be intimate with your sugar daddy: This is common sense, however, some may go into the arrangement thinking that all they have to give is their time–which in some cases can be true depending on what the sugar daddy’s needs may be. By assuming that your sugar daddy wants sex all the time, you won’t be so surprised or shocked when you find out that it is part of the arrangement. In any relationship sex is always up for debate though from our research, sugar dating sex is often considerably better than traditional relations. If you are not interesting in intimacy then don’t go to “sugar dating” websites. There are so many other sites if you just want a “buddy” to buy you dinner. In other words, real friends don’t expect friends to pay them for dinner.

Don’t disclose your arrangement: More than likely the sugar daddies are men with high profiles in their neighborhoods and want to be viewed in a specific light. It wouldn’t behoove you to go blasting personal bedroom information that could be damaging to their reputations — and yours.

Do keep an open mind: Be mindful that your sugar daddy is not your boyfriend, so you have no ownership to him. He can come and go as he pleases without having to answer to anyone. The lines can get blurred because of the bond that may form but keep a level head and remember that you signed up for this unconventional arrangement.

Don’t keep asking for more money aka don’t be a gold digger: Be content and grateful with the amount of money that your sugar daddy is currently providing and let him initiate the pay increase. More than likely, if the services that you provide are above average, he would be more than willing to spend more money.

Always be your best: Make sure that you take time to put yourself together each and every time that you hook up with your sugar daddy. It’s important to always look your best being that he is paying for your services. Leave the sweatpants and running shoes at home. Throw on those heels, perfect your makeup, and put on that new “rip your clothes off” perfume that you’ve been dying to wear. Be on time – remember the rule for models – being early is being on time, being on time is being late and being late is being fired or not selected for the next gig as you a considered unreliable. Don’t believe anything your girlfriends say whether it be about the idea, your body, how you feel or what it means. For the most part they are jealous or worse but often don’t have your back or more often willing to stab you in the back. Most SD’s we have surveyed are not interested in “big booty” we don’t know where they came except from a “curvy” (whatever that means) girl. Hey, get your booty fit for your body, get trimmed and taut. Use your allowance to get in shape !

Don’t Lie or Steal – also don’t get your daddy to lie. If you are fat, then own up to it and lose the weight but don’t ask your daddy or any man to judge you when you already know the answer. Also don’t lie or steal or anything because “bad karma” is real and it will catch up to you.

Don’t set unrealistic goals: The expectation of becoming a millionaire within a few weeks is absurd. It takes time and patience to acquire the comfortable lifestyle that you desire. If you are looking for a boob job then let the SD know what you are seeking and work out a budget.

Do be upfront and direct about expectations: This information should be derived on your first date. Both of you being fully aware of what is expected of each will set the tone of the relationship and doesn’t allow for any misunderstandings. In this meeting make sure to lay out the terms of your allowance and your availability. In others, cut out the coy nonsense, if you want travel, cosmetic surgery, tuition or shopping, make sure you don’t screw up a good deal with unsaid and unrealistic expectations.

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