Sugar Virgins – Sweet Beginnings

Everybody has a first time.  Whether it’s a first kiss. Going to College. Or telling your boss to go f*ck themselves.  Sugar dating is no different.  If you’re a sugar dating virgin you’ve come to the right place to have your cherry popped.  And even a bite of.

Real Virginity – in all our surveys with girls who have become sugar babies and even those “baby curious” one item stands out – lack of experience.   Most sugar babies are 18+ with the majority we have found 18-23.  When asked most girls/boys lost their real virginity at 14-18 and even a few wannabe sugar babies were still virgins.  Those who had not lost their sugar virginity had only a few experiences with real sex often with their high school boyfriend or often a boy younger than they were. Most had only 1-3 partners or random one-night stands.  In surveys with sugar daddies it was found they are looking for someone who has have enough partners to know what do to, not be some lump noddle who just lies there. If you looking to be a sugar baby and have had only had a few real sexual partners, being a sugar baby is a great time to learn about sex and how great it can be instead of wanting until you are 30+ to fall in love with sex as most girls do.  

Sex – Slapped on the Face or

Let’s be clear about something.  Sex is always something that comes at a price. The only difference is that the tender is paid out differently. For example; in conventional (read: boring) dating, usually the man pays for dinner, a movie or drinks when out on a date. Whether it be on the first, third or later date, the woman eventually lets him get intimate with her and the rest is history.  It’s quite clear to see that if the man didn’t pay for those outings and treats, he wouldn’t have been allowed to sleep with her.  It’s not as if he could have just gone up to her and said, “hi, I’m Michael. You’re beautiful. Can we sleep together?” That would have left him with a slap at best and a court case at worst.

Sugar dating removes these games, there is no secrecy or denial around it. Women are given an “allowance” in exchange for their time and if agreed – intimacy. It’s not as cutthroat as prostitution which is essentially a transaction, there is still lots of dating and romance involved.

The set up:

This isn’t about gold digging. Allowances, shopping, cosmetic surgeries, travel and more are easily available as a sugar baby but often more romance, security and support that a traditional relationship. A woman should exhibit grace and patience as she pursues her allowance. There’s no reason why this shouldn’t be fun.

Have a heart – what goes around comes around

Respect is a keyword in sugar dating.  While your sugar daddy isn’t your boyfriend or boss, he also isn’t somebody to kick around and treat poorly.  Even if it were a boss or a boyfriend, you still wouldn’t treat them with disrespect and try to devalue them. The same should apply with sugar daddies.  A sugar daddy may come with different terms but deep down they are still a human being – so relax, have fun and see where life (and your sugar daddy) take you.

Enjoy the ride

When they said life is a journey – they weren’t kidding.  Except with sugar dating that journey can be anywhere from weekend city breaks to private getaways on a Caribbean coast somewhere.  There are no limitations.  Sugar dating is unlike anything you have ever done before and with that comes a lot of excitement and intrigue. The unknown doesn’t have to be scary and sugar dating is a lot more fun and exhilarating if you embrace it.  This isn’t like a boring marriage or mundane relationship where every day looks exactly like the other.

Far from it. Sugar dating strips the crap – leaving you with more honesty, communication and sexual pleasure.  You’ll never have to hear an excuse not to have sex, a pointless lie to cover something up or be bored out of your mind hearing the same stories again and again. Sugar dating is everything you hoped dating would be.

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